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Location Saxony
Network 230Gbps total connectivity to the internet
Connectivity DT, Noris, LambdaNet, Aixit, Tiscali, DE-CIX, TeliaSonera, Init7, AMS-IX, N-IX
Failsafe Power Supply Energy efficient direct free cooling, N+2 redundancy
Management 24x7x365 Technical service by qualified staff
Security 24x7x365 Video camera monitoring of entrances and server rooms

     With the construction of the first data center park in Germany, Hetzner Online has set a precedent for other data center operators to establish operations in Saxony for mutually-beneficial competitive advantage.

     Several data center units have already come into operation in Saxony since the summer of 2009. In total, the data center park has more than 100,000 square meters of space on which to build.

     A new infrastructural concept is being used on site, which takes into account the most critical factors needed for the successful operation of a data center such as fast connections and maximum stability. Moreover, this unique design allows for the layout of critical supply lines on site and for easily accessible maintenance tunnels between separate sections of the building to optimize networking between the various data centers.

     This new concept makes it possible for data center units to be built and connected to the existing power and data networks in a very short space of time. Redundant connections to the adjacent power station guarantee power input and multiple fibre optic connections to Frankfurt and Nuremberg ensure the rapid exchange of data.